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Welcome to V12 Integration. Here you will find the integration guides, API Documentation and how to easily integrate with V12.

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What V12 Integration can offer

Finance Calculator

If you offer multiple finance products, a finance calculator can be added on your website, enabling the customer to choose a finance product/deposit amount in view of the resulting monthly payments.

V12 can supply you with a JavaScript example that you are welcome to take from and modify freely.

V12 Payment Method at Checkout

Ability for customers to checkout using a V12 payment method.

Your web site would send a new application request, ApplicationRequest, to the V12 API. A unique URL for that customer’s application form is then returned as the response to your request, ApplicationStatusResponse.

The customer should be re-directed to the provided URL where they can complete the application and e-Sign.

Receive Status Updates

Ability to receive status updates sent from the V12 server by HTTP POST and do any necessary downstream processing, such as despatch of goods once the Agreement has been signed.

Platforms We integrate With

Get up and running on popular platforms like Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce.

Do it Yourself

Developers Integration Guide

If your plan is to start a direct integration without using any platforms, Click Below.


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